Driven by innovative desire and passion for fashion, IL PASSO has become one of the most important leading manufacturers and the largest retailer of leather footwear and accessories in Romania.

Our collections are dedicated to both women and men, revealing the simplicity of elegance by humanizing perfection while using the most exclusive cat-walk trending details. High-quality natural leather, subtle designs, and exquisite details define IL PASSO brand. Our products are handcrafted with passion, care and fine tasting for the love of shoes.

The blending mix of elaborated posh colors with the styling elements transform our models’ geometry patterns into incredible premium designs, revealing the ideal styles for modern and dynamic characters.

After 20 years of activity, IL PASSO is at a crossroads between the trust of experience and the vulnerability of change, producing classic and contemporary aesthetic styles meant to celebrate the tradition and innovation for the authentic and creative, young, free spirit followers…