IL PASSO wants to stimulate the harmonious mix between pret-a-porter and a fresh, young breath, converting into an unforgettable meeting for people looking for an innovative design. The ambience of the shops is modern and conceptual, communicating a sophisticated and fresh image, a welcoming and warm atmosphere. It is intimate, pleasant, full of subtleties, thus establishing a close relationship between the product and the buyer.


Using fine and special natural leather, delicate applications and decors made with the utmost care for detail, we offer our customers products that meet the needs of style with a touch of extravagance.

IL PASSO reveals in the new spring-summer 2018 collection a strong contrast between the young breath, highlighted by the innovative design of the shoes and the accentuation of shapes and textures through minimalism.

With the representative name YOU ARE, the collection has the role of turning every person into a main character, revealing the elegance of simplicity and humanizing perfection.

The main elements that define the new concept are characterized by subtlety and sophistication, so we find the intriguing mix of pastel-pearly colors and strong shades details, inspired by the London style, oversized elements for a bold stylistic effect, but also the geometry of the patterns that harmoniously outline each product.