Processing of personal data

SC PESTOS S.R.L is a personal data controller registered at the General Register of the National Agency for the Supervision of Personal Data under no. 21498.

The personal data that can be saved in the database of SC PESTOS SRL are:

 - name, surname, email address, phone number and address (required for bill issuance, awb (transport note) etc

- passwords, password indices and similar security information used to authenticate and access your online account. All passwords are encrypted and can not be viewed.

- device data used to access the site and how it interacts with the listed products or various pages on the site, exclusively to provide a user-friendly, personalized experience

- data about the operating system, regional settings, language and IP settings (necessary for a pleasant shopping experience and to protect the system against any type of fraud)

 Personal data is stored in the European Economic Area and can be transferred outside of this space only in compliance with the legislation in force.

 We do not transmit, sell or transfer your personal data to other companies. The cases in which your personal data is used by IL PASSO partners are used exclusively for our services.

 The purposes of processing these data are:

- information about the client's order at the online store

- information about IL PASSO products and promotions or about any other promotions or activities developed by PESTOS SRL

- conducting surveys on the quality of products / services

 Data collection is done through various specific ways and instruments such as:

 - the newsletter management application present in the online store,

- choosing the newsletter subscription option from your shopping cart,

- saving in the database due to users participation in the loyalty program or various competitions organized by PESTOS SRL or its partners

- joining the loyalty program at IL PASSO stores

 Choosing to subscribe to the IL PASSO newsletter implies the USERS acceptance that their personal data will be preserved and processed by PESTOS SRL.

 SC PESTOS S.R.L. undertakes that personal data will not be disseminated to third parties, except for marketing partners and other services, agreed by IL PASSO with which there are contracts to do so and which undertake to protect such data.

 PESTOS SRL may also provide the users personal data to the partners on the basis of a confidentiality commitment from them guaranteeing that these data are kept secure and providing such data in safe conditions according to the legislation in force: courier services, marketing services, payment / bank services or other services.

 User's personal data may also be provided to the General Prosecutor's Office, the Police, the Courts or the competent authorities of the State on the basis and within the limits of the legal provisions and following expressly formulated requests.

 SC PESTOS SRL will periodically inform subscribers with a newsletter about the products and promotional offers. Also by newsletter SC PESTOS SRL can send other information messages, questionnaires or gift coupons.

 Personal information may be disclosed to the Police, Court or State authority, if there is an express request from them and the law imposes it.

Users may unsubscribe from receiving the newsletter when they no longer wish to process their personal data:

- by choosing the "Unsubscribe" option from any newsletter received

- by sending an email to expressly requesting unsubscription

Contact us

 If users wish to modify their personal data, they may request this by sending an email to through which they provide the modified data, or by using the update link from any newsletter received.

Your rights

 - to be informed about how your personal information is used (according to the information on this page)

- the right to access the information we hold

- the right to correct personal data (any user can correct it directly in the account)

- the right to request the removal of personal data

- the right to unsubscribe from the newsletter, sms or various forms of communication

- the right to move your personal data to another service

- the right to file a complaint with the competent authorities for the protection of personal data

 Changes that may occur in the process of processing your personal data

The information on this page may be periodically changed to improve transparency in this process of processing your personal data.

 If important changes are made, we'll let you know as soon as they begin to work.

 We recommend checking this section periodically.

The Mobile Application

The purpose of the permissions required by the IL PASSO Mobile Application:

 1. Notifications

 The IL PASSO mobile application needs the user's permission to send information about offers and updates.

 2. Location

 Access to the location is used to direct the user to the nearest store.

 3. Camera

 To use the "SCAN SALE CODE" function in the IL PASSO mobile application assumes that the user provides access to the device's camera. Access to the camera is strictly used to scan the QR code in order to provide information about it. The photo gallery is not accessed and nothing is saved in the user's device.